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PRX In Bradenton,FL

PRX In Bradenton,FL

A revolutionary procedure from Italy. PRX Derm Perfexion helps to stimulate the skin’s regenerative process and is administered through a relaxing massage. Hydrogen peroxide modulates the TCA, creating a regenerative action targeting the deeper layers of the skin triggering the skin’s natural revitalizing process. It is beneficial for people of all ages and skin types. The only people who should not receive PRX Derm Perfexion treatment are those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an allergy to any of the ingredients or have open sores or wounds. PRX is a breakthrough technology, like nothing else on the market.

PRX Treatment is a revolutionary skin tightening and rejuvenation service that utilizes a unique blend of trichloracetic acid (TCA), hydrogen peroxide, and kojic acid. This innovative formula is designed to deeply penetrate and stimulate the epidermis, encouraging skin regeneration and renewal without causing exfoliation or shedding. Originally developed to treat children’s scars, PRX has expanded its applications to include the correction of facelift scars, stretch marks, and sagging skin across various body parts. This treatment is ideal for men, women, and teens of all skin types who are looking for a pain-free, non-invasive method to enhance their skin’s firmness, hydration, and overall radiance.

What are the benefits?

  • No needles
  • No peeling
  • No down time
  • Safe in summer months
  • Safe for Fitzpatrick I-VI (all skin types)
  • No pain

The Treatment

Texture and Tone Improvements

Fine lines and wrinkles
Pore size

Pigmentation Issues

Sun damage
Skin discoloration

Skin Elasticity and Firming

Skin tightening/laxity
Sagging skin (including breast areas)
Crepey skin

Hydration and Scarring

Pitted scars (from chicken pox, impetigo, acne, surgical scars)

Specific Conditions

Stretch marks


PRX is a non-peeling skin rejuvenation treatment that combines trichloracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and kojic acid to stimulate skin renewal without damaging the outer layer of the skin.

PRX works by penetrating the top layer of the skin to initiate a natural skin regeneration process. The combination of active ingredients promotes healing and rejuvenation, leading to tighter, brighter, and more hydrated skin.

Results from PRX treatments are immediate. Patients often notice a firmer and more radiant skin right after their first session, making it an ideal treatment before special events.

The longevity of PRX treatment results can vary, but typically, with proper skincare and follow-up treatments, results can be long-lasting.

Most individuals require 4-5 treatments for the best results. These sessions are usually spaced 7-10 days apart, depending on the skin condition and the specific area being treated.

To prepare for a PRX treatment, avoid using tretinoin (Vitamin A) and other potentially irritating skincare products for at least two weeks prior to the session. Consult with your skincare provider for more specific pre-treatment advice.

Aftercare for PRX treatment involves keeping the skin hydrated and protected from excessive sun exposure. Use gentle skincare products and follow any specific instructions provided by your skincare professional.

PRX treatments are generally safe and non-invasive, with minimal to no downtime. Some individuals may experience slight redness or sensitivity post-treatment, but these effects are typically mild and short-lived.

  • Sun damage
  • Fines lines and wrinkles
  • Pore size
  • Aging skin
  • Skin discoloration
  • Pitted scars (chicken pox, impetigo, acne, surgical scars)
  • Hydration
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin tightening/laxity
  • Sagging skin on breasts or other areas
  • Crepey skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Exfoliation
  • Dullness
  • Redness
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